There are 2 ways to start a course.

1. Use the self-registration and use online-payment; Within minutes you have started your course! Have your Paypal account or creditcard details at hand!

2. Contact us on Sent us your (company)details, details on the student, payment information and we will sent you a digital invoice. When we receive your payment, you will be informed by email with the login details.

To start now (!) click on ” login” in the menu and follow the instructions to register a new account. You will receive an email, please click on the link to activate your account.  Next select the coursecategory and select the course you want to follow and then click in the next screen on the button of your preferred payment solution. After completion of the payment you will return to the course selection screen.. You kan start!

Please note that in the service menu unde download a manual in Adobe Acrobat pdf can be downloaded.

Free to try

Some of our courses are avaible without any cost. Registration is however required.


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